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(1) Self Love white sage bundle wrapped with dried flowers: Roses, Rose petals, Lavender, White Sage, White Winged Everlastings, salvia blue flowers, and cotton thread. Cleanse out any unwanted energy from your space or home.

4” in height inviting self-love.

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  • Flowers are sourced from a family-run farm in Iowa.

  • The sage bundles are sourced from a farm of Native American descent in CA. These are organically certified.

  • Wrapped by a group of women during the “Spiritual Hour” and according to the Moon Calendar.

  • Roses help invite the best positive energy for self-appreciation.

  • Use it daily or on days you want to clear out unwanted energies.

  • Our sage is certified organic directly from a Native American farm in California.

Native Americans, Latin, and some Eastern cultures have used the art of burning sage to clear negative energies to invite positivity through the journey of life.









Practitioner tested, appropriate for all souls, bundled with intention.

Use with the intention to remove old or new unwanted energies in your home, office, new spaces. Burn with care.






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How to use?

STEP 1: Untie or cut the thread.

STEP 2: Place the flowers in your spiritual self love bath or altar.

STEP 3: Burn your sage mindfully and say your affirmations out loud with attention.