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Moonstone Crystal

(1) Moonstone, sourced from India, approx 1” in length.


Hold the Moonstone crystal to invite intuition, emotions, and psychic abilities.


Moonstone Crystal is also the stone of destiny, mystery, change, and wishes. Connected to the moon and divine feminine makes it a very powerful stone for women to heal. From India.

Moonstone is also gifted to bring harmony into partnerships.


  • STEP 1: Initiate your crystals by putting them out at Sunrise or Sunset.

  • STEP 2: (Optional) Place 2-3 drops from your nadii inflow oil onto the crystals to charge.

  • STEP 3: Place on you, near you, or in your space to balance your energy.


  • Crystal Practitioner approved.
  • Use with the intention before, during, or after meditation or just place in your space.


Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Annie C.

So pretty, much love! But could be a choking hazard so if you have kids, make sure to put them somewhere high!

Bally W.

Received this order recently and have been getting compliments on my altar, thank you! I genuinely appreciate it!

Leisa C.

I am an avid fan of crystals, and have been for years. I love collecting them, and discovering how they can help me live my life better. This stone is one of my most special stones because of the meaning behind it, and what it stood for. I also love how beautiful it is, and how it is a great addition to my collection. I am very satisfied with this purchase.

Sandra Y.

It came highly recommended to pair this crystal with Inflow Oil so I purchased both, and to start with, I am really impressed by their quality. One of the most high quality crystals I've ever purchased ever since I started my meditation journey. Since then I've bought more items from their store, and they work wonders every time I use them! This set in particular is placed on my door, and it makes me feel good everytime I leave or enter the home because I feel like something great is about to happen or my wishes are about to come true.

Frances R.

I love how this stone empowers women to heal, and so far from my experience since getting this stone, it definitely helped me shift the energy in my room from dark negativity to positive harmony. Who would have thought a simple stone, paired with mindful manifestation and ritual, can do wonders?