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Connie M.

Absolutely beautiful bundle paired with an absolutely beautiful amethyst! I was born on February and my birthstone is Amethyst, so I just feel like this is made for me.

Angel T.

I absolutely adore this bundle! Have been disappointed so many times before with other purchases outside of this shop, and I'm so glad I followed my intuition and bought from Nadii. Looking forward to future purchases!

Ariel J.

I thought the amethyst and the flowers would contradict my sun and moon signs, but it didn't! So I've been using this product for a while now and I have nothing but good experience so far.

Kim W.

I've been setting up my altar and the floral bundle is a great addition to it. Smells really great when burned.

Vevian B.

My mom bought this for me because I'm getting stressed out by family problems. I thought it was silly at first but I ate my own words. Having the crystal in my showers helps me clear my mind, and the flowers themselves are truly lovely. It makes me smile everytime I look at them.

(1 ) Lavender non-sage bundle with dried flowers: Roses, Rose petals, Lavender, and an amethyst crystal. Place the lavender in your shower or space and the Moon Amethyst in your space or on your 3rd eye.

Bundle: 7” length. Moon Amethyst: 2”



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  • Lavender are sourced from a family-run farm in Iowa.

  • Amethyst is from Uruguay, invoking your 3rd eye or intuition.

  • Wrapped by a group of women during the “Spiritual Hour” and according to the Moon Calendar.

  • Lavender invokes emotional feelings.

  • Use it daily or during your rituals to open your intuition and manifest.



Lavender to invoke self-appreciation.

Moon Amethyst to open your intuition for better decision making.







Practitioner tested, appropriate for all souls, bundled with intention.

Use with the intention before, during, or after meditation in the bath or out. Connect to your intuition or 3rd eye chakra.







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How to?

STEP 1: Untie or cut the thread.

STEP 2: Place theAmethyst Crystal on your third eye or sacred space.

STEP 3: Place the lavender mindfully in your space.

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