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Ruth S.

When I started burning sages as part of my "self discovery" mission, I didn't know that there were different qualities that I should take into consideration. I used to buy these cheap ones because they were all just the same, right? WRONG! This bundle is a must have, a must have I tell you.

Loraine W.

The bundle is a classy combination of my favorite florals, I just love this bundle so so much. I placed the rose quartz beside my moonstone and I love rubbing them when things get rough, they ground me.

Tanya S.

This was the first thing I bought from this company and this product made me buy other products because of the great experience I've had using this bundle.

Helen M.

I just can't get enough of this set. Bought this on whim because "who knows?", but now I'm on my 8th order!

Helen M.

I couldn't pinpoint what was missing, but it's exactly what I've been looking for. The hubby and I are loving it.

(1 ) Lavender non-sage bundle with dried flowers: Roses, Rose petals, Lavender, and a rose quartz crystal. Place the lavender in your shower and the rose quartz crystals on your heart.

Bundle: 7” length. Rose Quartz: 2"

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  • Flowers are sourced from a family-run farm in Iowa.

  • Rose Quartz is from Brazil

  • Wrapped by a group of women during the “Spiritual Hour” and according to the Moon Calendar.

  • Roses help invite the best positive energy for self-appreciation.

  • Use it daily or when your heart needs a gentle opening.


Lavender to invoke self-appreciation. Rose Quartz to open your heart for self-love or invoking a partnership.







Practitioner tested, appropriate for all souls, bundled with intention.

Use with the intention before, during, or after meditation in the bath or out. Open your heart!





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