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Kerry R.

I drop a couple to my stones, my sages, and my amulet necklace during sunrise to invite positive energy throughout the day. The goddess glitter is a nice touch too!

Londa L.

I’m so green when it comes to essential oils, this is actually one of my first oil purchases ever. So far I’m definitely satisfied 🙂

Stephanie D.

I love diluting this oil with water and use it as a spray, just using it all around the house! I also use this with my oil diffuser and it just makes the house so homey, so welcoming. Love this product!

Sarah Y.

The most recent retrogade really messed me up and it's been so bad that I thought I had to do something about it. I found this oil during my research and I'm so glad that it was able to at least improve my mood and counter the retrogade, just making life a little bit better. I love pairing this oil with crystals!

Dorcas C.

My daughter knows I'm a fan of anything with Calendula in it, because if the benefit it offers. I was super surprised when this product got delivered, but I am glad that it did because I definitely needed to have a clearer aura. This product came in perfect timing!

An essential oil basil blend to clear out those down-low energies to reset and balance your soul.

What it is: A daily spirit and bath oil with Basil extracts & Calendula for a visibly clearer aura.

Best to use during low times and Mercury Rx.

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  • Blended and extracted by a group of women in India during the “Spiritual Hour” and according to the Moon Calendar.

  • Holy Basil helps clear out uninvited energies, especially when they creep up during Mercury Rx.

  • Use it to cleanse your crystals (giving them a holy bath).

  • It has Goddess Glitter.




The emotional world of an Earth moon centers on things that are tangible and predictable. Open and strengthen your intuition with this set.












Practitioner tested, appropriate for all souls, formulated with intention.

Use with intention daily on your wrists or in a spiritual bath.

0.5oz and 1 mo. shelf life. Keep in shaded area.










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How to use?

STEP 1: Drop your oil on your wrists, palms, or a in a bowl of water.

STEP 2: (Optional) Place 2-3 drops from your nadii inflow oil onto the crystals.

STEP 3: Place on you, near you, or in your space to release your emotions or during Mercury Rx.