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Match to a squad of women
Meet 1x week (1hr) guided by nadii practitioners
Member rewards
Free nadii wellness box
Community virtual LIVE events to meet #BADASS women

*your FSA $ may qualify - ask your HR dept.


For a personal 1:1 approach.
Schedule on your time.
Independent Mental, Spiritual and Career coaches.
Rewards for each session.
No fee or Membership required.

*your FSA $ may qualify - ask your HR dept.

How membership works?

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Create your account &

collect your Glitter ✨ rewards.

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Add Squad

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Start with your squad in 2 weeks + a 30min astrological free session.

Doula &
Astrologer Counselor

☼Taurus ☽Libra ↑Leo

$125 - $175     $$$$$

Certified Wim Hof Breathwork

☼Pisces ☽Aries ↑Scorpio

$200 - $1300     $$$$$

Meditation &
Yoga Nidra

☼Leo ☽Virgo ↑Taurus

$125 - $200     $$$$$


☼Gemini ☽Capricorn ↑Scorpio

$$$$$ Accepts Insurance

Crystals &
Human Design

☼Taurus ☽Leo ↑Libra

$99 - $175   $$$$$

Clairvoyant &
Akashic Records

☼Sag ☽Cancer ↑Virgo


Women's Performance Coach

☼Capricorn ☽Aries ↑Taurus

$175   $$$$$

Free with Squad membership

Our signature self-love wellness box with crystals, candles & sage.

LIVE virtual events from healers to motivational speakers.

Meet 1x week with a group of women, guided by a Practitioner.

1:1 Astrology session with our in-house Practitioner.

Access to 1:1 with performance coaches, spiritual healers, therapists.

Use your member discount code + credits for the shop.

$1 = Glitter reward.

Gift a friend $10, and

Get $10 to spend on the shop or practitioners.

Daily affirmations and ritual reminders with the moon calendar.

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“Being a nadii member has really helped transform all areas of my life especially as it relates to being kind to myself. I am less critical of my mistakes and shortcomings and instead embrace my three-year-old self and celebrate who I am without judgment. .”
- Becky Havis
“...meeting Pooja and becoming
a part of the nadii community and learning how to
meditate has been one of the most transformative experiences
of my life ”
- Priscilla Dela Cuesta