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Customer Reviews

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Lauren R.

It's small, but still serves it purpose diligently. I've put them in a bowl near the entrance door, in the kitchen, and in our main bedroom door.

Wilma A.

Satisfied with my order. It's size is what I am looking for, and I like how it smells when burned.

Christina P.

All good and fits my sage needs perfectly.

Priscilla M

I am just so pleased with this product. Thank you to everyone in the Nadii Wellness team!

Bertha L.

We've been using this for a bit now and have personally seen amazing shifts in the way I think. I think it has something to do with what is in the bundle, and the effort exerted in bundling the florals, but this will not be my last purchase of the product that's for sure!

(1) Organic sage mini bundle with dried flowers: rose petals, Lavender, White Sage, Ghost White Baby’s Breath - release any negative energy from your space or home.

4” in height, lasts 12 days


WHAT IS IT: A daily sage bundle to burn, cleanse, clear, and make space for your manifestations.

Note all sage bundles will have some differences due to the drying of flowers.




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The sage bundles are sourced from a farm of Native American descent in CA. These are organically certified.

Wrapped by a group of women during “Spiritual Hour” and according to the Moon Calendar.

Roses help invite the best positive energy for self-appreciation.

Use it daily or on days you want to release emotions (give yourself PERMISSION TO CRY!)

A daily sage bundle to burn, cleanse, clear, and make space for your manifestations.











Practitioner tested, appropriate for all souls, bundled with intention.

Use with the intention to remove old or new unwanted energies in your home, office, new spaces. Burn with care.










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How to use your sage

STEP 1: Open your windows.

STEP 2: Light the tip of your sage mindfully and carefully.

STEP 3: Move the smoke around your space lightly.

*You may speak your affirmation and invite a positive opening to the Universe's portal.