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Ashley D.

I agree that oils can be very tricky because we all have our own smell factors and what smells good to me might not smell good to you, but I really adore the scent of this oil. I pour a couple droplets on my palms and rub them all over my hands and my pulse points, and it makes me feel calm before going to bed.

Briana G.

I use this during my daily yoga! If you are new to essential oils, this is a great start.

Margaret E.

I imagine Jasmine oil is what royalty must smell like, it smells expensive! I love love love this oil and have been considering making this my main oil and discard other oils I have.

Mary K.

I was actually torn between buying this oil or the Self Love essential oil, but I either way I was able to buy the Jasmine oil and it smells really amazing! It doesn't hurt my nose, and I love the look on my friends' faces when they are getting too naggy and I just whip this oil and they can obviously see that I've calmed down haha!

Linda A.

No regrets! This is the first oil I purchased from Nadii Wellness, but I'll be back for more. This oil is a part of my self-care kit and it just never fails to set me right if I feel overwhelmed.

An essential oil of Jasmine florals to get you in flow and ready for the day!

What it is: A daily ritual and bath oil with various Jasmine extracts for your inner child connection.

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  • Blended and extracted by a group of women in India during the “Spiritual Hour” and according to the Moon Calendar.

  • Jasmine help you get ready for the day, keeping anxiety away

  • and inviting calmness.

  • Use it daily for that signature nadii inflow connection.

  • It has Goddess Glitter.



Essential oils help the body, mind and soul sense calmness. Eastern cultures have been using essential oils for generations on their body, in their home and space.






Practitioner tested, appropriate for all souls, formulated with intention.

Use with intention to invite your inner child.

0.5oz and 1 mo. shelf life. Keep in shaded area





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How to use?

STEP 1: Initiate your crystals by putting them out at Sunrise or Sunset.

STEP 2: (Optional) Place 2-3 drops from your nadii inflow oil onto the crystals.

STEP 3: Place on you, near you, or in your space to balance your energy.