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Jayana V.

These little nuggets are just too cute and pretty. Maybe I can have them as a charm? They're on my meditation space right now and they look so at home.

Cathy E.

I always speak highly of this crystal everytime my friends would ask about it.

Jean L.

I am so in love with this crystal. It's the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. My mom has been a big believer in crystals for a long time, in fact she influenced me, but never thought about buying one, until she saw mine when it got delivered and ordered one for herself lol!

Danielle T.

I have bought this a few weeks ago and it was a tremendous help to my mental health. I look at it and I get reminded that I am human, that I am allowed to hurt, and I deserve to get over the negative emotions festering me. It's nice to the touch as well and looks really pretty.

Marion K.

I was on a hunt for a stone or crystal that will help me with my mood because frankly all I've felt recently is annoyance and anger. I was deciding between this and the Large rainbow hematite stone but ended up choosing this one, and I have no regrets. I made it a necklace pendant!

  • Rainbow, magnetic Hematite Palm crystal is a energy stone to ground your mind, body, and spirit. Giving you permission to move from overwhelming feelings and anxiety to calm and balance.

  • Size: 0.5"
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When anxiety or stress creep up (could be days leading up to the full moon or new moon!) hold your hematite crystal.

Feeling anxious during an interview or working from home, this crystal is best placed on your desk or in your space.

The properties of this crystal vibrate calmness.



Rainbow and magnetic, this crystal helps you ground

whenever your energy calls for it.





Astrologer approved.

Use with the intention before, during, or after meditation and in your space.



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How to use your crystals?

STEP 1: Initiate your crystals by putting them out at Sunrise or Sunset.

STEP 2: (Optional) Place 2-3 drops from your nadii inflow oil onto the crystals.

STEP 3: Place on you, near you, or in your space to balance your energy.

*Hematite Stones can be placed in the palm of your hand or within your fingers. When you are feeling a little anxious, stressed, or worried you can rub them with your thumb or finger to invite calmness.