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Bridgerton & crystals

Bridgerton & crystals

Bridgerton could be good for your well-being? Why? As the NYTimes article describes the show illustrates sexual desires and needs from a Woman's perspective. As Women, we are programmed to with hold desires or behave in a certain manner according to society. SO! grab a crystal, glass of vino or elixir from Recess $29 and our Heal Floral bundle with the Rose Quartz crystal $26 for a night with your girl squad or solo (with spirit guides obvi...!) and time travel back to Queen Charlotte (Golda Rosheuvel) era. Take the night a step further with this Dame vibrator $115...SELF LOVE goddess!

“While you may be content to accept defeat, it is certainly not how I approach things.”

I love when shows have a subtle way to recommend reprogramming our limiting beliefs! Totally on-par with our meditation practices....Now on to Gold Rosheuvel, with such Capricorn she's a dynamite, eclectic and #BADASS GODDESS woman. She's a Guyanese-British actress and singer serving as an expander to all us she/her/hers in the universe. Do you think she has a crystal in her house?


Arc $115

Dame G-Spot D vibrator

6-pack $29

Recess Sparkling Water

Bundle $26  

nadii Heal Rose Quartz Bundle

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